What is Jupi app?

Jupi is an app that features virtual characters powered by artificial intelligence. It's built on several different large language models. You can use it to chat with the existing characters you find in the app, or create your own characters and interact with them. Keep in mind that everything these characters (chatbots) say are entirely fictional and should not be taken seriously.

The app is not directed to children and you may not use our services if you are not at least 18. If you are under the age limit for processing of personal data set by your country, you must not use the App, or your parent or guardian on your behalf must allow it.

The chatbots utilized in Jupi are artificial intelligence programs designed to simulate conversation. The responses and statements made by these chatbots are generated artificially using various AI models and do not reflect the real-life thoughts, feelings, opinions, or intentions of any actual person or entity. You should not interpret or rely upon the chatbot responses as factual, accurate, or meaningful in any personal, legal, or emotional context. The purpose of the chatbot interactions is purely for entertainment and engagement. You are solely responsible for your own interactions, decisions, and actions resulting from the use of our services.

Some of the chatbots and AI models in Jupi are uncensored and are able to generate explicit content. An uncensored model has no guardrails. You are responsible for anything you do with this app, just as you are responsible for anything you do with any dangerous object such as a knife, gun, lighter, or car. Publishing anything this app generates is the same as publishing it yourself. You are responsible for the content you publish, generate and you cannot blame the app and its developers any more than you can blame the knife, gun, lighter, or car for what you do with it.

You also confirm that you fully read, understood and agreed the app's Terms of Use when you download and start using this app.

What are language models and what's their difference?

A large language model is a type of artificial intelligence system that is trained on vast amounts of text data to understand and generate human-like language. It uses deep learning techniques to process and generate text, making it capable of tasks like answering questions, writing essays, and even engaging in conversations.

Currently, you can find 3 different AI language models in Jupi.

  • XPT: This is an advanced model optimized for roleplay and creative, story driven conversations. It's much more human-like than GPT models. It's recommended you use this model if you want to create characters without the censorship and restrictions of GPT models.
  • GPT 3.5: GPT-3.5 is an advanced version of OpenAI's language model. It is a highly powerful and versatile model making it one of the largest language models ever created. GPT-3.5 is trained on a wide range of internet text, allowing it to understand and generate human-like language across various domains and tasks. It's a super fast, low cost model you can use to pretty much create any kind if character you like.
  • GPT 4: This is an enhanced version of GPT 3.5 with enhanced language understanding and generation, better contextual comprehension, improved handling of ambiguous queries, reduced biases, and increased accuracy in answering questions. It's slower, has higher costs but it enables you to create vastly more intelligent character compared to GPT 3.5.

What is Jupi Premium?

Jupi Premium allows you to unlock special features and unlimited messaging in the app. It's currently offered in monthly or yearly options. You also earn credits each month based on the plan you're subscribed at. Your subscription is managed by Apple and it's different from your Jupi account. If you sign-in with a different account while you have an active subscription, your subscription is transferred to this new account.

Does the app allow NSFW?

NSFW is a broad concept and we carefully evaluate the boundries we can support. We know our users love chatting with any kind of fantasy character they can dream of, however we can't be 100% NSFW and uncensored. We don't want Jupi to be yet another AI porn / sexting app. In addition, the Jupi iOS app needs to comply with Apple's guidelines, therefore we're committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for all our users. Here are the details on our current NSFW policy:
  • The use, upload or generation of NSFW images or character avatars in the app is strictly prohibited.
  • We do not allow the creation and listing of overtly pornographic characters, descriptions or personas.
  • The app employs advanced conversational AI models capable of producing explicit or erotic text. Nonetheless, profanity will be filtered out to maintain a degree of decorum within these outputs.
  • In addition, we are carefully monitoring, optimizing and moderating the outputs of the AI models we use. The moderation system will automatically get triggered and censor the output if you prompt the characters to generate conversations that include self-harm, self-harm intent, graphic violence or a sexual content that includes an individual who is under 18 years old.
  • You can also flag conversations that you think are sensitive and should not be allowed in the app. Use the 'flag' button in the character chat screen to give us feedback about the conversations.
  • Our platform has a strict zero-tolerance policy against any form of sexual or erotic conversations involving minors. Any individual found engaging in such prohibited behavior will be detected and immediately and permanently banned from using the app. We take this matter very seriously and cooperate with law enforcement as necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of our community.
  • In any case, Jupi is not an app that's intended to be used by individuals under the age of 18. The purpose of the character chatbot interactions is purely for entertainment and engagement. You are solely responsible for your own interactions, decisions, and actions resulting from the use of our services. For more info, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Are my chats private?

Yes, your chat history is stored privately on your device. We can't see it and it's not uploaded to our servers. Please read our Privacy Policy for more info on this.

Can I delete my chats?

Absolutely. Just tap on the "..." button on each of the conversations in the chats screen and you can delete them forever and ever.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, go to the app's menu, scroll down to the bottom and choose "DELETE ACCOUNT". All the data related to your account will be removed from our servers in 24 to 48 hours. Reach us at jupi@jupi.chat if you require any help or assistance.

How can I reach the developers?

Feel free to reach us with your questions or feedback anytime via emailing at jupi@jupi.chat.